When providing aid abroad, the project itself is the centre of attention. In order to fully focus on the activities on the ground, NGO personnel should feel resilient and confident in their abilities to handle the local context. This is especially important in the rapidly changing environment that NGO’s operate in. Forth Global enables organisations to travel and work worldwide in challenging & hostile environments, with special emphasis on daily safety & security issues.

In order to achieve this, our services can be tailored to the exact needs of both your organisation and the local context, ensuring a total solution for your needs regarding the safety, security and wellbeing of your staff. Through this increased resilience and confidence in your employees in the field, the NGO can fully dedicate itself to aiding others.

Due to our intensive collaboration with local partners we have access to a worldwide infrastructure, spanning all major continents. This enables us to channel the local knowledge and expertise of our partners. Moreover, the geographic proximity allows us to provide assistance rapidly and easily. Moreover, our extensive experience in providing training across all major continents allows us to provide in depth knowledge, demonstrating our proven in the field experience. Examples include Ethiopia, Moldova, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

This field consists of long-lasting projects, but also of providing urgent aid. We cater to that aspect by hosting open HEAT trainings almost every week, with the opportunity for last minute enrolment.

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