Not only on land, but also at sea, we are able to provide adequate and effective all round assistance in the realm of medical and security issues. In this sector, one must be able to fully rely on the respective services, knowing that one can deliver the same grade of quality at sea as done on land. As this sector carries its own unique challenges, our services can be tailored to fit the relevant context and strategic goals of the company.

We are thus able to effectively deal with medical & security issues, give effective tactical & strategic guidance, support business continuity and help to prevent reputation damage. This will then allow you to focus on business operations and the productivity & wellbeing of your staff. In order for your company and staff to perform as effectively and efficiently as possible, manoeuvring confidently in- and having familiarity with the local context is crucial. As the threat of piracy is always luring in the maritime sector, it is essential that one adequately trains for the threat in this context.

Moreover, the ability to effectively deal with medical issues is essential for the both the wellbeing of your staff and the business continuity of the company.

Creating resilience and relying upon a trustworthy infrastructure is key to achieving this. Forth Global enables worldwide work & travel in both challenging and hostile environments, with special emphasis on daily safety & security issues. Our services can be tailored to the exact needs and risks that come with the profession, thus ensuring that your safety & security policy will be adequately incorporated. Due to our intensive collaboration with local partners we have access to a worldwide infrastructure, spanning all major continents. This enables us to channel the local knowledge and expertise of our partners.

Moreover, the geographic proximity allows us to provide assistance rapidly and easily. We have the ability to provide assistance & training both nationally and internationally. This allows us to channel our extensive experience and in depth local knowledge, and demonstrating our proven in the field knowledge. We are able to dispatch specialized medical personnel for projects and have a specialized maritime medical health checks (both marine and offshore examination and the respective certificates) in order to assist your company in the most all-round manner.

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