Academia has become increasingly more international, with international education being a critical aspect for both staff, students, and institutions as a whole. Students are pursuing their education abroad, researchers are venturing into volatile areas, and also staff members are frequent travellers. Moreover, with research institutions expanding their network and activities to non-Western countries, travel will increase even more. With this international focus, it is critical that one knows how to navigate the risks whilst working abroad. Moreover, it is important that one achieves resilience in order to adequately control these risks.

Forth Global enables organisations to travel and work worldwide in challenging & hostile environments, with special emphasis on daily safety & security issues.

In order to achieve this, our services can be tailored to the exact needs of both your academic institution and the local context. This ensures a total solution for your needs regarding the safety, security and wellbeing of your students and staff. Due to our intensive collaboration with local partners we have access to a worldwide infrastructure, spanning all major continents. This enables us to channel the local knowledge and expertise of our partners. Moreover, the geographic proximity allows us to provide assistance rapidly and easily.

We have the ability to provide assistance & training both nationally and internationally, allowing us to channel our extensive experience and in depth local knowledge, and demonstrating our proven in the field knowledge.

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