How to deal with corruption? How to keep your tension under control when being mugged? What is your strategy when being abducted? Making a safety and evacuation plan, as well as recognizing and preventing situations like carjacking, robbery, and aggression, are all skills that can be trained. This tailormade training will be designed to fit the context and needs of the participants.

For whom: For those who will be travelling to, working and living in a potentially dangerous area, aiming to minimise their risks and increase their personal safety.

Duration: This will be dependent on the request of the client and on the content of the training.

Objective of the training: The content, and the accompanying learning objectives, of the training will be designed according to the needs of the participant/client. The aim of the security training is to provide knowledge and teach skills that enable the individual to minimise risks whilst travelling, working and living in a potential high risk area. The training can thus be customized to fit the realities of the specific area. Moreover, the training centres on personal safety and risk-avoidance as the core competences and basics. With increased awareness and an alert and conscious attitude towards possible risks you are better prepared to deal with high-risk situation in remote areas. We train from a non-militaristic, human approach, bringing together practice and theory. By using experienced trainers and actors, the participants will experience role plays, best practices, dilemmas, and simulations. This tailormade practical training is thus accessible, lively, practical and directly applicable.

Possible content of the training:

  • Road safety and communication.
  • Remote medicine.
  • Mines, explosives, ammunition.
  • Stress management.
  • Dealing with (high and low) aggression.
  • Terrorist attacks and shootings.
  • Kidnap/hostage prevention and survival strategies.
  • Security awareness.
  • Incident reporting.
  • Tailormade content designed to fit the relevant country/ situation/ etc.