Refresher medical training

Imagine: you are victim of a traffic accident in a remote area. A fellow passenger is bleeding heavily. You are witness of a terrorist attack with multiple severely injured persons. There is an accident in an international construction site. What do you do?

For whom: For employees of companies and NGOs who feel the need to refresh their medical knowledge, or who want to extend their medical knowledge after a basic safety and security course.

Apply now: At present, this training is not on the agenda. Are you interested in this training? Please contact us.

Objective: In this training, you will repeat the most important principles of remote medic. You will learn the basic protocol for actions to take when there are persons with severe injuries in areas where medical care is weak or absent. Also, after the training you will know how to transport injured persons and facilitate evacuations.

Duration: 1 day

Approach: In addition to theory, this training is specifically oriented at practicing real-life situations. During simulations with lotus victims, you will practice the medical procedures to fully master these.

The trainers: The training will be facilitated by seasoned remote medic trainers with experience in treatment of victims when medical care is weak or absent. Next to this, training actors and trained lotus victims will be employed. Trainers go by behavior, awareness and experiences. Not by instruction, drills or learning lists. The training takes place in a confidential setting where participants can practice openly.

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