If one of your staff members is involved in a critical incident abroad, this also affects the family. Providing the right family support can be vital in the resolution of a crisis. How can you establish a relationship of trust with families early on? What support can you offer a family? How can you prepare them for media attention? For what practical issues can you prepare in case a crisis occurs?

For whom? The course is purposely designed for HR staff as part of the Crisis Management team, as well as selected (volunteering) members of staff responsible for supporting the relatives of colleagues involved in a crisis.

Duration of the training: 1 day.

What will you be doing during this day? The training consists of two parts, a strategic and a tactical part. Participants get introduced to the overall Crisis Management structure and setup, and learn how good family support can help to achieve the strategic objectives of the Crisis Management team. Additionally, the training will have a heavy focus on practical case studies and exercises with a professional actor.

Our approach: An organisation’s responsibility stretches beyond just duty of care. This training optimizes the preparedness and professionality your organisation’s crisis response and offers guidelines to successful management. Moreover, it focusses how professional family management can be initiated and  maintained. The training aims at identifying and closing the gaps in the organisation, policies and procedures, resulting in significantly increased confidence in HR and staff personnel to perform this difficult task.

Training results at the end of the day:

Strategic training results:

  • Family support as part of the crisis structure, mandate, ways of working;
  • The profile of a family support officer;
  • Practical elements for upscaling of Family Support Structure;
  • Preparation & protocols;
  • To support the supporters, attention for secondary traumatization.

Tactical training results:

  • Case preparation (SWOT, storyline, Q&A);
  • Case handling with actors, conversation, bearing of bad news, conflict handling;
  • Feedback to CMT (handover).

About the trainers: The training will be facilitated by a senior crisis response consultant from Forth Global with over a decade of practical and teaching experience in crisis and incident response. In the afternoon the exercises will be supported by a professional actor.

Partners: Our partners Eurocross and the Institute of Psychotrauma (IVP) contribute to the training. Eurocross is the biggest alarm centre in The Netherlands and brings in knowledge and experience in family handling in calamities. The IVP has an important added value in dealing with the psychological part of coping with family in a crisis.