It has been a while since you attended the safety and security course, and since then you have had many travel experiences. What did you do well and what could still be improved? Moreover, are you able to adequately deal with the increased threat of terrorism? Subscribe for this training at the bottom of this page.

For whom: For experienced travellers of organizations who want to grow their security expertise and travel to higher-risk areas. Participants have preferably already followed a safety and security training before.

Objective of the training: The training aims to add to your personal development by building on your previous personal experiences and practices. You will grow your expertise in the area of safety & security, and will know how to deal with complex situations and dilemmas by:

  • Repeating basic skills in dealing with aggression;
  • Gaining insight into risks related to traffic and travel;
  • Being capable of acting under the pressure of aggression;
  • Being able to respond adequately to corruption.

Content of the training:

  • In practice: Which dilemmas and safety issues did you encounter in practice? How did you act? How do you look back on them and what have you learned from encountering these situations?
  • Rehearsal of dealing with tension. Stress Inoculation is and approach in which we gradually increase stress and teach you how to regulate it. You will gain insight into your own stress reactions and how you can control your own stress level.
  • Dealing with aggression advanced: You will train your behaviour in complex incidents, such as a violent robbery, dealing with corruption or an intimidating checkpoint. By role-plays and simulations, you will increase your behavioural awareness, with an emphasis on the possibilities to deescalate.