What to do when you fall victim to abduction? How should you conduct yourself? In what ways do you safeguard and maximize your mental and physical health? Subscribe for this training at the bottom of this page.

For whom: Females who travel and work in medium and high-risk areas. To follow this training, you need to have followed a safety and security training before.

Objective of the training: After the training, you will have gained insight into the various types of abductions and perpetrator motives. You know the different stages of abduction and know how to decrease aggression and risks by your behaviour. You will learn to cope with stress, to maximize and safeguard your mental health and how to deal with (sexual) violence. The training will focus both on theory and practice, with the help of simulations you will:

  • Receive tips & tricks and developing security awareness. Optimizing your journey;
  • Gain insights and learning how to consciously handle risks that occur when women go out / traveling abroad;
  • Be able to attentively react in case of sexual intimidation. No = No;
  • Be able to recognize and influence one’s own stress reaction;
  • Be able to adapt an adequate survival response in case of assault/rape;
  • Gain confidence;
  • Gain knowledge of aftercare and the recovery process.

Content of the training: The goal of this female specific international security training is to provide women with more knowledge, expertise and strong defensibility that are essential for females working or traveling abroad. This involves awareness, prevention and avoidance. What does it mean for a woman to go out and what is the travel advice? With the help of a female trainer and male actors, experienced on the field of aggression and international business, we will be working with role-plays, best practices and simulations during the entire training. Experience shows, in this field, practice is the best teacher. After determining personal learning objectives, the following subjects will be dealt with: We will mainly pay attention to your behavior and your influence in different situations. The focus will be on working de-escalating and recognizing situations and setting boundaries. No long presentations but learning through experience, sub skills and simulations.

The training takes place in a confidential setting, allowing the participants to practice openly.