“Every crisis brings its lessons”

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, working with the latest ISO 31:000 and ISO 31:030 security risk management and travel security standards. Our expertise is reflected in our many years of experience, our extensive international network and competent personnel. Our advisors are trained according to ASIS regulations, the highest standards in the market (CPP/APP). Additionally, we are accredited by various Business Travel Insurance (BTI) and Kidnap for Ransom (K&R/specialties) insurance companies.

Forth Global offers a range of crisis management experts:

Crisis Management experts on strategic level. The strategic expert will take place in the actual crisis management team (CMT) and will facilitate & coach the team during the crisis. The expert will focus on the different roles within the team, and will provide insights and perspectives that the CMT itself may not have. Examples of this include (but are not limited to): family support strategy, intercultural or international aspects and case specific expertise (e.g., kidnap).

Crisis Management experts on a tactical level and operational support. The expert can perform analyses in order to support the CMT, and will be able to establish contact with stakeholders. By leveraging our vast international network, they will be able to provide additional specialised advice and arrange operational support on the ground (e.g., armed guards, escorts, investigators).

A Family Support Assistance service where organizations can have access to our pool of trained and experienced Family Liaison Officers (FLO). Our FLO’s are selected based on their empathy, interpersonal skills and their ability to maintain the company strategy under strong emotional pressure and complex circumstances. The FLO’s are subsequently enrolled in our internal training program and periodically receive internal rehearsal training and intervision. Once deployed, the FLO’s report directly to the client but are supervised and coached by Forth Global. We offer assistance in both Dutch and English.

Interested? Are you interested in this service? Please contact Tom Brabers: tom@forthglobal.com.