We are excited to announce that we will continue our business under a new name: Forth Global. This new name represents our global strategy of being an international risk and resilience total solution provider. Over the last 12 years we have grown from an expat training agency into a risk and resilience consulting firm, with customers all over the world. With our best-in-class partner network we cover all corners of the globe and we can respond quickly and efficiently under any circumstances. For our customers nothing will change. You may expect the same service and quality standards you are used to.
Our total solution exists of four pilars:

During the last few months we have reconsidered what we stand for. We see external influences change rapidly, for instance the COVID-19 virus, civil wars, cyber crime and terrorist attacks. It is more than ever important to adapt to these changes and plan ahead in order to be resilient. 
What we experience is that the organisations that are resilient just perform much better than the ones that are taken by surprise by the new circumstances. As such, our new pay-off resembles our belief: â€˜resilience drives performance’.

We really appreciate working for and with you as a customer or as a partner and look forward to continuing our relationship. If you have any questions about our new name, please contact me. I am more than happy to help.

Best regards,

Christiaan Oldenkamp

CEO Forth Global