External intelligence sources have one major shortcoming: they do not take your internal context and way of working into account. At Forth Global we believe that including these two dimensions makes for the best risk assesment. When travelling to volatile areas, our experienced consultants will be able to asses the risks and provide you with pratical recommendations, tailored to the needs of your organisation. To create a complete overview we use our multi-stakeholder approach, as part of our unique way of working.

Diving deep to ensure the highest quality

We dive deep into how you relate to your environment and question some of the assumptions on which your current setup is based. This all is done to ensure proportionality, robustness and ownership.

Ideally, these assessments take place together with a representative from your organization. In that way we can incorporate your operational needs. This is always done with the intention to enable, instead of restrict, your work.

Interested? Are you interested in this service? Please contact Tom Brabers: tom@forthglobal.com.