Five days of intensive training in a real-life exercise. That is the Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT).

This training offers people the information and skills to work in high-risk regions. In the training, we cover topics relevant to the region, the risks and specific circumstances of the organization. Incidents can never be prevented entirely, but risk can be minimized by acting with due care.

The practical part of HEAT training is conducted at our training location Campus Vesta in Belgium, a multidisciplinary education center for professional security training. The extensive grounds of over 37 ha  are the ideal setting for realistic scenario-based training.

In the practice village, among others we practice in the apartment block with underground parking, the shopping mall and the hospital. We also train at the shooting range. In the demonstration rooms, we train real-life interventions, during which fellow course participants can watch from above.

The course subjects include:

  • Introduction to carrying out risk analyses, becoming aware of security risks
  • Vehicle security, defensive driving, travel planning, navigation training
  • Medical training
  • Ballistic training
  • Personal safety
  • Environmental risks
  • Kidnapping