What is your golden tip when it comes to travel security, we asked related companies. This is their advice.

TIP from Henrieke Hommes, Advisor at ZOA:
Ask for a hotel room on the second floor, near the emergency exit. This way unwelcome guests cannot reach your room from the outside easily. And in case of an emergency, you can still jump out of your window. Remember to always lock and block your door.

TIP from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Each country has its own laws, rules and customs. These may differ from what you are used to in the Netherlands. Find out more about the local situation before you go to avoid problems. On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs you find all you need to know about living, working, travelling and doing business abroad. Also available in the app store.

TIP from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
In airports, minimise the time spent in the public area, which is generally less well protected. Move quickly from the check-in counter to the secured areas. Upon arrival, leave the airport as soon as possible.

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