The number of global nomads is growing. Organisations are increasingly working with employees of various nationalities, who move from one country to the other. That’s why Expat Preventive is providing a growing number of organisations with advice on how to adjust their safety procedures to these new conditions.

Globalisation takes place at a rapid pace. More and more companies have subsidiaries abroad and are hiring employees of various nationalities. Because the level of education has also improved in many developing countries, organisations are increasingly relying on local employees. They are ambitious, highly educated and they know the local context.

This requires a new understanding of safety procedures. Indeed, we’re advising an increasing number of organisations with regard to this matter. For instance, the taking out of proper insurances for employee so that non-European employees can also be evacuated when things get out of hand. Medical expenses are also covered.

We also regularly provide safety trainings abroad, because the evacuation of employees to the country where the headquarters are established is often needlessly costly. We for instance provide trainings in Cairo, London, Cape Town, Kenya, Tunis, Jordan, Cambodia and Bangladesh. We even plan to create permanent hubs for safety trainings.

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