We tailor the training to your needs and wishes.

A governmental institution for worldwide business development was looking for a tailor-made travel safety & security training for their staff.

The desire for this tailor-made training was related to the confidential content of their work and the specific issues of working with local public servants and officials. It is of great importance to keep cultural sensitivities and long-lasting relations into our minds. Length of the training should be 2 days, including the evening program. Although the organization is divided in regions, staff can be traveling worldwide for shorter or longer term.

Our training department can fully adjust to the needs and wishes, resulting in tailor-made role playing scenarios, copying real practice and examples, daily issues and dilemmas. But also the ability to discuss the travel policy together. All this while keeping the sensitivity of working with local partners in mind. Next to the travel safety & security training, our remote medic training is of great importance as well.

Christiaan Oldenkamp: “We have been training employees of this customer since 2017. It is really a training on its own, completely adjusted to their practicalities, internal culture and scope. Next to the training we advise and support their Crisis Management teams as well.”