Risk Advisory support in Ukraine.

Since Russia’s (new) invasion in Ukraine in February 2022, the security context has been unpredictable and prone to sudden change throughout the country. As such, Forth Global has been supporting clients varying from relief-aid NGOs and journalists to companies and government agencies in both the planning and operational phase of their activity in Ukraine.

Forth Global has done this through the delivery of (short) briefing notes and (longer) security assessments. Core to these products are the identification and analysis of location-relevant safety and security risks, as well as the steps to be taken to mitigate these risks. Are activities occurring close to Ukrainian military buildings that might be a strategic target of a Russian missile attack? What areas are likely to be affected by Russian (or Ukrainian) landmines?

Moreover, we think out different scenarios and ways in which both the individual travellers and the organisation’s management should respond to limit impact once a security incident occurs. How to react once an air alarm is activated? What should travellers bring to reduce their dependence on local supplies and infrastructure? And how to prepare for a potential medical evacuation?

During clients’ activity in Ukraine, Forth Global has supported them through the monitoring of developments, maintaining an open line of communication to advise on security incidents and required responses as they occur.

Gijs Weijenberg: “To deliver in all these services, Forth Global builds on its large network of operational partners in the security and medical domain, its staff’s extensive experience in security policy development and crisis management as well as its analytical expertise gained through frequent analysis of the war and its developments.”