Staff of ZOA

For me, the training was an eye-opener.

Staff of ZOA
Staff of ZOA

The international aid organization ZOA helps people in areas where disaster or conflict has struck. Employees who travel have to follow a standard safety & security course. Three of ZOA’s employees tell how they look back on the safety & security training of Expat Preventive.

What did you think of the training at Expat Preventive?

“I really enjoyed the Expat Preventive training. The most important for me was the good atmosphere in the training; the group had become used to one another in no time and so there was space to open up. This happened because of the open, relatable and at the same time very professional attitude of the trainers. Now, while I am in the field, often situations occur that we talked about during the training. Especially the more ‘everyday’ ones, such as taking a taxi or exuding assertiveness, have been very useful up until now.” (ZOA employee, anonymous)

What distinguishes the Expat Preventive training from others?

Hannah: “In addition to the unmistakable expertise that the professional team of Expat Preventive has, and is able to bring across effectively, the team above all understands how create a safe learning environment. With space for each participant to seek the lessons they should learn. I recommend this course to anyone who leaves for another country for a shorter or longer period of time, even when you are already an experienced traveler. In real-life scenarios, you will be confronted with your traveling attitude in various situations. I am grateful to Expat Preventive for the lessons that I have been able to carry away.”

Has the training had an impact on the way in which you travel today?

Martin: “I had travelled quite a bit before I followed the safety & security training as newcomer in ZOA. Because of the training, I suddenly realized that I had always been very uninhibited (or unprepared?) traveling the world. The training was a real eye opener to me in some ways. After the training, I had just the right amount of candor left to travel confidently and well-prepared, and to enjoy the trip.”

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