From advice towards crisis support in Sudan.

14 April 2023, first calls are coming in for advice on the situation in Sudan with two generals clashing. The calls were made by several NGO customers based in Sudan, mainly in Khartoum.

We have an agreement with most customers with the guarantee of 24/7 support and assistance. But customers also contact us for advice and strategy.

Since the situation in Sudan is deteriorating, our customers are worried for the near future….what to do?

Within Forth Global we have our own analysts. They immediately start analysing the situation and looking for facts, assumptions, developments and reliable sources. Our security advisor starts working in scenarios: best-case, normal-case and worst-case scenario. For each and every case recommendations are provided, which may include updating communication plans, preparing for hibernation, updating crisis protocols, etc.  The situation gets worse rapidly and advice becomes assistance. Together and in cooperation with the customer we:

  • Relocate international staff to safer areas in Khartoum;
  • Relocate local staff from Khartoum to safer areas in the country;
  • We set up a service to supply international staff with essentials (food, water, etc.);
  • We look for alternative routings to evacuate staff.

Meanwhile our analysts keep track on all developments, our advisors are in close contact with the customer’s head office and guiding and advising local staff. It is not a solo action but a team effort in a professional setting.

On 22 April, we had the opportunity to get the first families out. On 23 April, international forces are speeding up and taking care of evacuations. For Forth Global it is not over yet. We keep on supporting our customers in providing for the well-being of their local staff.

Christiaan Oldenkamp: “Long standing agreements with our customers, many years of experience in working in Sudan, our own Risk Advisory department, solid partners, and trust of our customers give us the opportunity to accelerate in times of crisis.”