Delivering support to CMT's all over the world.

An international engineering consultancy firm with headquarters in Netherlands and offices in 30 countries reached out to Forth Global in 2016 with a question on how to mature their crisis management response on various levels. This case study explains how we responded then, and how we continue to support this client up to today.

Apart from a corporate Crisis Management Team (CMT) they also have CMT’s in regional and country offices. The client already developed crisis management protocols but wanted to ensure the CMT’s are competent and confident on various levels. To reach out to the various CMT’s but simultaneously keep the efforts cost efficient and proportional was a challenge. Forth Global proposed interventions on various levels.

First of all, we designed and ran a series of online tabletop exercises for the various country CMT’s. The digital environment for these exercises was already in place. Because Forth Global understands the context of the client so well, we could create appropriate and realistic scenarios to do the exercises. Our consultants then facilitated the sessions.

Secondly, there was a common understanding that for some CMT’s (corporate, regional or those CMT’s in less stable locations) had a desire to practice in a face to face setting. This includes a face to face crisis simulation with (local) actors to confront the CMT with various stakeholders, including family and media.

Thirdly, the functioning of the CMT can also be improved by individual competences of CMT members, especially HR and logkeeper.

Since 2016 till today Forth Global periodically performs the abovementioned training activities for the client, in eight locations in the world or online. It is great to deliver continued support to the various CMT’s and to see the maturity grow over time.

“Forth Global is our trusted training partner, supporting us to remain prepared for and be ready to manage crises when they appear. To our satisfaction, they have provided trainings for our crisis management teams, log keepers, family supporters and travellers for many years.”