Colleges and universities need clear and concise emergency plans.

Colleges and universities deal with study-related travel in many ways. For example, students doing research abroad, study groups on exchange, professors on their way to a conference, etc. Whatever the situation, it is very important that educational institutions like colleges and universities have clear and concise emergency plans to prevent or limit potential damages and injuries.

The lack of access to professional first responders and emergency assistance in the event of a crisis, is the reason why Forth Global works together with one of the largest colleges in the Netherlands.

When someone is in need of assistance while travelling for the college, they can call the number of our Emergency Centre. They will be handled as high priority, which allows for a quick response time by an experienced and trained operator.

Where most emergency centres only assist people in medical- or travel-related situations, as per insurance policy, Forth Global provides security assistance as well. This means that people from the college can call the emergency number not only for medical and travel assistance, but also for situations including non-medical life-threatening situations (i.e., carjack, robbery, threats), extortion, kidnapping, and more. Because of our close cooperation with the insurer, and the inclusion of our security assistance into the insurance policy, it means that the client will not have to deal with unforeseen costs.

Max de Visser: “It is very exiting to work together with the client and to find out what is really important to them. There are so many different aspects to emergency assistance, and with the use of a dedicated number, bespoke protocol, and tailor-made script we are able to fulfil the client’s needs. By including them into the process it really is a joint effort between the client and us to achieve the most effective emergency assistance service.”

“While everything may look good on paper, it is crucial that we put the protocol to the test to see if it works in practice as well. We plan to do this with a tabletop simulation, which I am really looking forward to. Experience shows that these simulations provide us with new insights that benefit the customer”.