When you need us, we will be there. 24 hours a day.

We provide assistance services to organisations and their staff across the globe. We manage the entire process of medical and security assistance 24/7, 365 days a year. We provide emergency assistance to travellers of all nationalities, whatever their circumstances. The highest service levels and unprecedented client satisfaction rates are at the heart of our medical and security assistance provision.

Together we take international assistance to the next level.

What we do

We provide our clients with advice and support when it comes to things such as visiting a doctor or admission to hospital, and we also take care of practical matters such as payment guarantees, booking a return journey or hotel stays, act as an interpreter, and our security advisors are available to address any kind of security issues. Our most important task involves offering peace of mind when things go wrong.

Our added value for you and your customers

  • 24/7 available
  • Medical Team specialised in remotely assessing medical situations
  • Extensive experience with repatriation and evacuation
  • An extensive network of partners in 180 countries
  • Monitoring current files in real-time
  • Continuous investment in our employees’ knowledge via our own Academy
  • Excellent trained & experienced security advisors

We belong to a partnership of leading worldwide assistance companies, offering a multinational approach to assistance. Together we service over 50 million end users across the globe and generate a joint gross claims volume of over 600 million euros  per year. Our operations centres provide state-of-the-art assistance services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our worldwide network of over 100,000 service providers allows us to assist on a global scale. Joining forces, we create a market- leading assistance proposition for our clients.

Facts & figures:

20 countries with offices
2.500 staff
€ 600.000.000,- in claims volume per year
330.000 international assistance files per year
100.000 worldwide accredited providers

Help with aftercare

After an incident, we provide emergency relief and the appropriate aftercare. By supporting colleagues and family members close to the affected person. Or by means of direct support from professional mental healthcare providers.

Contact us for more information about assistance during and after a crisis.

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