Forth Global works with world class partners like Eurocross (Astrum Alliance), Safeture, Travel Clinic Erasmus, KIT Tropical Institute and IVP to name a few. Given the very broad request of many customers (ranging from technology, intelligence, assistance, security support & advice and training) the single best solution is a total 360 approach. This allows customers access to best in class solutions for each aspect of their request & needs, while simultaneously enjoying service and dedication of a long-standing supplier.

Forth Global is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and CRKBO registered company. We use ISO 31:000, best practice publications from the BCI (Business Continuity Institute) and best practice guidelines defined in British Standard document BS 11200: 2014 Crisis management – Guidance and good practice. We work with trainers and advisors that have many years of experience in security and crisis management. Our team is also part of the Review Board of ISO’s new travel security standard (ISO 31:030).  Furthermore, consultants and trainers are trained according to ASIS regulations, highest standards in the market (CPP/APP). We are accredited by a number of Business Travel Insurance (BTI) and Kidnap for Ransom (K&R/specialties) insurance companies.

We aim to work with holistic security measures in order to create robust and resilient security management systems that have ownership with all involved staff members.

We have an extensive selection process in place to secure the quality of our partners:

  • ISO 31000 and ASIS standards
  • BS11200 Crisis management – Guidance and good practice
  • BS65000 Organisational Resilience
  • ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management
  • ISO 20858 Maritime Port Facility Security
  • ISO 31030 Travel Security (once issued)
  • Consultants have either a relevant Master’s degree or have a ASIS CPP certification (or equivalent).
  • Reports are peer reviewed internally (within partner).
  • Reports are periodically (ad hoc one out of 25) reviewed externally (by the other partner).
  • Partners with turnover above Eu500K are ISO9001 certified. Partners with turnover below Eu500K are audited by the other partner.
  • Partners follow agreed formats, depending on customer demands.
  • For guarding services partners are signatory to the ICOC-PSP

The cooperation between Forth Global and its partners is a proven concept that combines and complement each other’s expertise and strengths. We offer a total solution approach with a global coverage in a seamless experience. Accumulated turnover in 2019 of 43,3 million Euro and 521 staff makes us a reliable, flexible and customer focussed partner.

eurocross Eurocross is one of the partners of Travel Risk Solutions. Their emergency number offers 24/7 access to employees for questions, medical and psychosocial (emergency) assistance or advice.
logo-travel-clinic Travel Clinic is one of our partners of Travel Risk Solutions and offers health advice and medical check ups, among others.
ivp IVP is the Institute for Psychotrauma and offers psychological support. IVP is one of the partners of Travel Risk Solutions.
Safety Guardian Guardian is our travel safety partner and is based in Denmark.
 campus vesta Campus Vesta is our partner for HEAT trainings and EU trainings
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